A-Grade Dog Training
“Achieving the best results for you and your dog”

Home Training:

As a training solution, home visits as a means of training your dog is a highly effective way of achieving desired results. Working in this way is a joint effort between trainer, owner and dog, and will help you reap the benefits of a well trained dog you will enjoy for life. All this in the comfort of your own home and local area, typically covering the main obedience owners require from their dogs such as toilet and crate training, sit, stand, stay, leave, down, walking on lead, coming back when called, and also more challenging behavioural issues such as jumping up/mounting, staying off furniture, excessive barking, nipping/biting, aggression towards other dogs, food guarding, separation anxiety, etc.

Sometimes the distractions of a class situation can mean stress for both you and your dog, and individual home training allows for a greater focus all round. Home training is a fast, workable alternative to group classes for busy owners who find it difficult to get their dog to classes. It's also preferable for dogs who are nervous around, or aggressive to other dogs, who have specific issues, and for owners who would simply prefer the individual attention given by a trainer on a one-to-one basis.

Prices vary depending on your training and behavioural needs, and distance travelled - please phone or email for further information. Click on this link for full contact details.